Here are some popular widgets that can be embedded to your website:


Reverbnation: link





YouTube Channel Gadget: link






Date and time: link








Directions by Google Maps: link


MP3 Playlist Player: link







Google News Feed: link






Free SMS Worldwide: link




1500 Free TV and Live Online: link


MP3 Player: link



Hit Counter: link



Online Calorie Counter: link


Price of Gas: link


Image Slideshow: link


Skype 2.0: link


Press Releases: link


Google Translate My Page: link


Online Radio: link


Breaking News: link


Free Online Chess: link


Fox News: link


This Day in History: link


Bowling Game: link


MLB: link


Daily Horoscope: link


Inspirational Quotes: link


NYTimes: link


Google Adsense Advertising: link


Pandora Internet Radio: link


Suggestion Box: link


Event Calenedar: link







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